• PCYC is registered and affiliated with Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics NSW. and offers a range of gymnastics programs for ages and abilities from young as 18months through to adults.



The Gym classes that we offer are:


18m-3.5yrs (parent participation)Kindergym (45min)With the assistance of a parent and coach, Kindergym develops the child physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially through a safe, structured and multisensory environment. Kindergym creates problem-solving circuits incorporating activities of fine and gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, balance and teaches children to climb, run bounce and move to music!
3.5-5yrs (pre-kindy)Juniorgym (45min)Juniorgym is guided by the coach on the apparatuses by refining skills learnt in Kindergym. Children learn to follow instructions, stand and walk in a line as well as follow a circuit that includes: balancing activities on beam, swinging on bars by holding their body weight, trampolining for jumping creating aerial awareness and floor for developing skipping, hopping, landing and developing strength and flexibility used in gym fun.
5-12yrsGym Fun (Beginner Rec) (1hr) Develop the FUNdamentals of beginner recreation gymnastics. Fundamental skills include balance, coordination, muscular strength, flexibility, endurance and power.
5-12yrsGym Skills (Intermediate Rec) (1hr)Gymnasts start to learn more technique on the apparatuses, including bars, beam, floor and vault. Gymnasts can progress to gym skills once learning the fundamental skills in gym fun OR if gymnasts demonstrate the basics of gymnastics skills in initial assessment or term based assessments. Skills include forward rolls into handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs and drills for aerial skills.
8yrs+Gym Advanced (Advanced rec) (1hr)Gym Advanced is for gymnasts who have excelled in the gym skills program or are invited who have a background in gymnastics or dance. The program aims to develop social skills as well as develop aerial skills with the gymnastics apparatuses. Skills include high bar swinging, beam cartwheels and handstands, round offs, flip and summersault drills and dance skills like branis, walk overs, turning, split leaps and jumping.
High School 11+Teen Skills (1hr)A 1hour class for teenagers who would like to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics with teenagers their own age. This is a great social aspect in a safe environment. The class consists of gymnastics apparatus and trampoline use. All skills and abilities are welcome!
5-12yrsTramp Fun (1hr)Gymnasts will learn the fundamental skills used in trampolining. Apparatus that are used are Olympic sized trampolines, single mini tramp and double mini trampoline. Skills developed include: aerial awareness, arm swings, create height on each jump, develop and maintain strength and endurance. Drills for safe landing and drills to perform aerial skills like seat drops, belly drops, twisting and peanut rolls.
5-12yrsTramp Skills & Tramp Advanced (1hr)Once children have successfully shown the basic fundamental skills of jumping, aerial drills and safe landing. Gymnasts start to learn how to safely perform aerial skills on the trampoline, single and double mini tramp. Skills can include front summersaults, twisting and joining skills together.
5+Ninja Gym  (1hr)Ninja Gym is based on TV Ninja Warrior style challenges Ninja Gym is a fun and interactive class with free moves around the gymnasium, swinging, jumping, running and balancing. The aim isn’t to fall into the ‘lava’!
5+Team gym (1hr)Teamgym is for recreational and competitive athletes who would like to compete for their club in real Teamgym competitions. Competitions are held throughout the year. Team gym includes performing floor skills, acrobatic and tumbling skills. Teamgym builds strength, communication and social skills. Athletes learn discipline, commitment and have an opportunity to perform skills they have learnt in the class with other teammates.  Teamgym creates a friendly environment and all are welcome.
18+Adult Gymnastics (2hrs)Adult gymnastics is open to the public free to use the gymnasium under the supervision of an accredited coach. If you would like to have a bounce on the tramps or swing on the bars or even want to train like a real gymnast, all abilities are welcome!

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