Our Vision

Australia’s pre-eminent youth organisation working with Police and community to empower young people to reach their potential.

Our Mission

We get young people active in life.

We work with young people to develop their skills, character and leadership.

We reduce and prevent crime by and against young people.

PCYC was established in 1937 by Police Commissioner William John MacKay. It was a partnership forged with the community via Rotary to provide young people with a safe and positive alternative. Over 80 years later that vision has grown and now operates in 64 sport and recreational locations across NSW and is one of Australia’s leading youth-focused organisations.


RISEUP incorporates job ready programs, mentoring and vocational training for at risk youth aged between 15 and 18 to build their engagement with education, employment opportunities and the community. The initiative aims to partner with employers across NSW to create meaningful workplace opportunities for young people who’ve embraced positive change in their lives.

Recently the RISEUP was featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair.


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News Stories

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Some of the values learnt by young PCYC members

Our younger PCYC members often reflect on the values that they gained through activities like gymnastics and programs like the Project Rebuild. Watch the video here. These values learnt are varied, and all stem from PCYC’s top line commitment to empowering young people and preventing crime against young people or by young people. PCYC provides […]

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Small ways to give back to your community

Doing something for your local community can be rewarding in many ways, and there are plenty of local organisations that are very much in need of extra funds and volunteers to help them. Some of the benefits of ‘giving back’ are: It’s a great way to connect with friends and other people in a shared […]

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A guide to starting your health and fitness journey

It can be daunting to start a new health and fitness regime. It seems like there is so much to do, so many ways of approaching it, and it can quickly become very overwhelming. Any health and fitness plan should to be sustainable, something you can easily build into your life and stick to it. […]

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Supporting social development in young kids

It’s more important than you may think for our kids to have friends. Most of us remember our childhood friends with a lot of fondness. There are often tales of mishap and adventure – perhaps memories of inviting ourselves over to each other’s homes without checking with parents – just in the hope of a […]

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