Gymnastics Coaching at PCYC NSW

PCYC has an amazing coaching team, built on our core values of Respect, Commitment, Resilience, Integrity and Citizenship.

Every day we strive to create a safe, inclusive, inspiring and supportive environment for all of our gymnasts, with safety and wellbeing as our highest priority. Our team are based in over 40 clubs across NSW, giving you the opportunity to progress through your gymnastics coaching career at a number of exciting locations.

All of our coaches hold recognised qualifications with the Industry’s peak bodies, and we are committed to supporting the ongoing learning and professional development of our team. We value giving our team the opportunity to gain broad coaching experience across a wide variety of classes and programs, offering everything from Kindergym to Trampoline, Acrobatics to Parkour, Cheerleading to Competition Gymnastics.

PCYC is always looking for coaches to join our incredible team, and help us to continue to provide positive experiences for young people across NSW. 

If you are not yet qualified, but love gymnastics and are interested in exploring a pathway to gymnastics coaching, PCYC is always looking for young people to join our Junior Coach Program. We will help you to gain your accreditation, and support you on your PCYC journey as a gymnastics coach, making an impact in young people's lives.

If you think you are up to the challenge, click the button below and fill out an application. We'd love to hear from you! 


PCYC Gymnastics Coaching roles

There are a wide variety of roles within our coaching team, reflecting the broad range of programs we offer at PCYC.

Junior Coach Program 
Young people who are interested in becoming a coach have the opportunity to join the PCYC Junior Coach Program. If you are not yet qualified but keen to get involved this is where you could start. All junior coaches are mentored by experienced team members, and supported to gain their accreditation as a coach. As your experience grows Junior Coaches gain greater responsibility for class management and technical instruction, ensuring you are ready to have your own class of gymnasts in no time. This is a great opportunity for young people to gain accredited instructor training recognised by Gymnastics Australia.

Coaches & Assistant Coaches
PCYC has a team of gymnastics coaches across our network who are empowered to get kids active and teach all types of gymnastics programs. Coaches are encouraged to continue their coach education through PCYC and supported with access to a range of professional development. This is a great opportunity for young coaches to gain employment skills, equipping you to work in any of our clubs across NSW, allowing you to relocate for university or other education, and still maintain security of paid employment.

Gymnastics Program Leaders
In our clubs, coaches are supported to take on leadership roles, working to mentor Junior Coaches, building a positive team environment in the club, and gain experience in class planning, programming and promotion. Program Leaders learn management skills and gain business experience, preparing them to take on other roles within the clubs, as a pathway to further future career development.

Further Development Opportunities
There are many opportunities for our gymnastics coaching team to be upskilled in other elements of the work PCYC NSW does in the community, to broaden your skill set, and provide future career pathway opportunities. Whether you are interested in progressing to multi-site Program Coordination, or even into PCYC Club Management, we provide support, training and guidance to enable our team to develop a range of transferrable skills, opening them up to career pathways.
PCYC's Emerging Leaders Program helps to give employees the skills and experience they need to become the leaders of the future.
PCYC Gymnastics Coaches also have access to a number of international development opportunities, including studying on scholarship oversees. There are so many reasons to get involved with PCYC, so click the button below to join our team, and find out more. We're here to answer any questions you have, and talk you through the opportunities available with PCYC that best suit your interests.

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