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PCYC is unique among youth organisations because it is the only one which is a partnership between the community and the NSW Police Force.

We work with the NSW Police Force youth command work to counter the impact of juvenile offending.

The youth command involves more than 170 officers either based in PCYC clubs, state office or hosted at local area commands throughout the state as school liaison police officers.

In 2015, just under 1500 young people (our highest number ever) were involved in case management and programs by our police officers. About half were young offenders and the other half youth at risk of offending.

The cost of juvenile detention is $652 per day (2011 figures), with an annual cost to community of nearly $240,000 per young person in detention per year – that’s more than $68 million a year in NSW.

Our Police youth case managers’ approach has proven results and contributes towards reducing reoffending rates by 60 to 70 per cent.

Programs have to incorporate education relevant to the crime category on which the officers are focusing. An example of that would be a break and enter program: the education component could include a presentation from insurance companies on the impact of break and enters, a presentation from a victim, and discussion on crime statistics and dealing with the volume of what’s occurring in that area to help educate young people on the impact of their actions.