Driving Programs

The Safer Drivers Course aims to provide learner drivers with the knowledge they need to reduce road risks and prevent accidents by becoming a safe driver. As an Accredited Provider of the transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course, PCYC NSW know that our students will complete the course with a greater of understanding of how to be a safe P-plate driver.

Statistically, the first six months after receiving your provisional license are the most dangerous. New P-plate drivers can find it challenging on the roads without the support of an experienced instructor by their side. Our course equips young drivers with the tools they need to manage the transition to a full license.

PCYC NSW are the largest provider of Driver Education Programs across New South Wales, with over 60 clubs we have the ability to deliver this course state-wide.

TOIP is an educational and experiential-based program with factual and challenging sessions on road safety and low risk driving behaviours. TOIP addresses the depth of the impact created through risky and illegal driving behaviours.

For the past 15 years, PCYC NSW has been one of the state’s most significant providers of traffic education programs, including TOIP.
We are the largest provider in NSW of traffic offender intervention programs with courses delivered at more than 60 locations in metropolitan, regional and rural locations.