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PCYC Sutherland

PCYC Sutherland

PCYC NSW is a charity empowering young people to survive, and thrive, in
partnership with the Police and the community.

PCYC Sutherland is one of the most inclusive clubs you will find, having activities for everyone from young children to the elderly. In fact, our longest serving member at PCYC Sutherland is 86 years old.

Our Kindergym program has been running for 35 years, and we are very proud of the gymnastics schedule for young people. PCYC Sutherland is home to a skatepark and a skate bowl, where young people can come and hang out and skate.

We have 4 different uniformed Police officers working from our site, meaning that we are able to foster incredible community relationships. Our focus point and key initiatives are aimed at mental health in young people, and we like to be a second home to the local youth.

Youth Week | 16 - 24 April

Are you up for a challenge?

Get fit and raise money to help support young Australians’ mental health!
Star Jump every day of Youth Week, 16 - 24 April, and raise much needed funds to support PCYC's brand new mental health program.

Make like a star!


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