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Ideas for keeping your kids entertained during the Easter School Holidays

Ideas for keeping your kids entertained during the Easter School Holidays

Keeping the little ones occupied in the school holidays can be an exhausting endeavour, and no one can relax when the kids are bored. If your children are starting to play those “I’m bored” words on repeat, PCYC has got a huge range of ideas to keep your kids entertained (and parents relaxed!). From getting sporty, to getting crafty, we've got affordable options for all school aged children. So banish boredom and welcome relaxation these April school holidays with fun holiday programs and vacation care for your kids at your local PCYC club.

After a tough couple of years, kids are finally getting back to normality, and young people need community, connection, a sense of belonging and the chance to make new friends more than ever. PCYC is giving kids loads of opportunities to get active and creative and to have some fun this April school holidays, while giving parents a well deserved break.

We spend months planning great activities to keep your kids entertained and active - school holidays are our favourites! We've got all the ideas to keep you covered and remove all the hassle from planning how to keep your kids busy while they're on their Easter break.

How about using these April 2022 school holidays as an opportunity for your kids to try a new activity or get a new hobby? We've programmed a variety of active sports days for those with energy to burn, quieter days of creative play, cool science learning activities, and super fun excursions such as laser tag, tenpin bowling and cinema days.

Each of our 66 clubs across NSW offers a wide range of fun and exciting activities, including both on site and off-site full-day excursions. Some of the awesome holiday activities include science experiments, futsal, basketball, multi-sport, gymnastics, boxing, painting, dance and crafts. 

PCYC NSW school holiday programs offer a chance for your children to create new friendships and build great memories. We work hard to make sure we have lots of enriching experiences in a safe and happy environment. 

Don’t forget, if you are taking a break within NSW you can book a school holiday program at any of our 66 clubs across the state. You can be relaxing on the beach at Terrigal while your kids are playing soccer and Oztag at PCYC Bateau Bay! Once you are a PCYC member, you can access any of our holiday programs.

We know that keeping kids busy during the school holidays can be an expensive task. That's why PCYC offers affordable low cost programs, with half day and full day rates. You can also use your Creative Kids vouchers for eligible activities, featuring in all of our holiday programs, to get $100 worth of activities for free. Some locations offer PCYC OOSH Vacation Care programs. Childcare subsidy (CCS) for vacation care bookings are available to eligible families (find out more).

Find a fun PCYC school holiday program or Out of School Hours vacation care activity near you, and book today! 

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