If your child is interested in technology, enrolling them in a coding class at PCYC NSW is a great way to support their hobbies and help them learn a practical skill. Coding allows youngsters to solve challenges and put their brains to good use while building something that they can take pride in.

At PCYC, our coding classes are designed to help kids and teenagers learn the fundamentals of computer programming. In class, your child will learn about various programming languages and how they’re used to create websites, games, apps, and more.

As your little one progresses through coding class, they will begin to learn more advanced concepts and have the chance to create their own website or game. If they have a knack for it, they could take their coding knowledge and eventually turn it into a career.

Learning how to code is an excellent way for kids and teenagers to spend their free time since it requires them to use their brain and develop practical skills that they can use in the future. Joining a PCYC coding class can also help kids make new friends and improve their social skills.

PCYC coding classes are led by experienced professionals who have a background in the field. Our instructors will make sure that your child has a solid understanding of basic coding skills before helping them take on more challenging concepts.

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Teacher Strike - Day Activities

5-12 years
$60 per child
$60 per child
8:00am - 4:00pm
Teachers at some schools across NSW will go on strike on Wednesday, 4 May. To help families that might be affected by this industrial action, PCYC Hornsby will be running fun activities from 9am - 3pm. With drop off from 8am and pick available till 4pm. This surprise all day activity camp is a great opportunity to try something new at your local PCYC. Kids will get creative with a creative workshop, then get he chance to play a range of sports, while also have some fun doing some gymnastics and trampolining. Bookings are essential, so call the club on 02 8998 5400 to secure a spot for your student, or book online.