At PCYC NSW, we offer artistic gymnastics classes for children and teenagers that are looking to express themselves through rhythm and movement. Taking an artistic gymnastics class through PCYC is a fantastic way for young people to get active, work hard towards a goal, and learn valuable life skills.

As one of the most-followed Olympic sports, artistic gymnastics requires many physical and mental skills, such as strength, balance, coordination, and discipline. Artistic gymnasts demonstrate their talents in several different ways, including on the floor, balance beam, rings, vault, and more.

When you enrol your child in an artistic gymnastics class through PCYC, they will learn the fundamentals of the sport, including tumbling and dance skills. As they progress and improve their skills, they will move onto more advanced techniques, like aerial skills, high bar swinging, and beam cartwheels and handstands.

Not only does artistic gymnastics help young people stay active, but it also allows them to meet other kids around their age and enjoy the benefits of social interaction. Plus, they will learn about the merits of hard work and gain other essential life skills, such as patience, discipline, and communication.

PCYC NSW is the largest provider of Gymnastics in the state. PCYC is affiliated with Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics NSW, giving young gymnasts the opportunity to train for the skills they need to thrive in the world of gymnastics. Our coaches will ensure that your child is safe as they perform routines and use the gymnastics apparatuses.

At PCYC New South Wales, we have been empowering young people to reach their potential since 1937. We help children and teenagers get active within their communities, allowing them to develop critical life skills and build their character.

Womens Artistic

Contact Reception
Contact Reception
Various, see timetable
Development 4-5pm, Lvl 1 4-5:30pm, Lvl 2 5:30-7pm, Lvl 3-4 5:30-7:30pm
Lvl 1-2 4-5:30pm, Lvl 3-4 4-6pm
Developing strength & power, the artistic gymnast’s main apparatus are bars, beam floor & vault, whilst also learning somersaults, handsprings, handstands, cartwheels and aerials. Gymnasts are encouraged to compete once they are confident with their routines and coaches feel they are ready. Cost dependant on hours training. Please contact hornsbygymnastics@pcycnsw.org.au for more information. Our WAG program is by invitation only.

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