Getting your children interested in fitness at an early age is key to keeping them active throughout life. At PCYC Bulli, we provide several gym and fitness classes to help kids and teenagers get moving and enjoy exercise. 

For younger kids (from 5 to 12 years old), our Kid Fit class is a fun-filled way to get involved with physical activity. In this class, little ones will participate in games and exercises intended to be fun and beneficial to their health. 

At PCYC Bulli, we also have special gym and fitness classes designed just for teen and pre-teen girls. Our Teen Girls Fit class allows young ladies to break a sweet alongside other girls in their age group. 

Each of our gym and fitness classes is suitable for all skill levels, meaning no experience is necessary to join. PCYC Bulli is an inclusive environment where kids of all abilities will find support and encouragement as they participate in exercise classes. These courses are also a fantastic opportunity for youngsters to meet new friends and bond over their love of physical exercise.