At PCYC NSW, we offer painting classes so you can let your little one express themselves through art. For children, painting classes are an excellent way to show off their creative side and spend time doing something they enjoy.

In painting class at PCYC, your child will learn the essentials of painting, including colour, composition, technique, and more. They will be able to experiment with a variety of mediums and materials, developing an understanding of how to paint various scenes and objects.

As your child improves their painting skills, they can move onto more advanced techniques and try different painting styles, including abstract and realist forms. PCYC instructors will guide your son or daughter through the class, offering advice and feedback to help them improve their craft.

Not only does painting class give your little artist a creative outlet, but it also lets them mingle with other youngsters their age that share a common interest in painting. At PCYC, our painting classes are suitable for kids of all skill levels and age groups, so your child will feel welcome and supported -- even if they’ve never tried their hand at painting before.

Painting is offered during the school holidays in many of our clubs. Painting is also a registered Creative Kids activity, meaning all school-aged children in NSW can use their $100 voucher on these classes, making it an affordable choice for everyone!

With more than 65 clubs across New South Wales, PCYC aims to empower young people to reach their potential. We offer youth programs and recreational, vocational, arts, and sporting activities for children and teenagers to engage with others in their communities and develop leadership skills.

Creative Arts Program

We are so excited to announce the Creative Arts Program is an 8-week program (We accept Creative Kids Vouchers), run on Thursday Afternoons 4pm-5:30pm. The Children will be provided with every tool they will need to participate in this program, as well as being provided their own visual arts journals, portfolios and two canvas paintings to take home with them after the course has finished. I think it's important for me to note that this Program while I hope it expands their skills and ability in art is not to teach them to pressure themselves into being professional artists but rather teach them the skills and tools that they will need to learn to express themselves and explore their creativity in a safe and nurturing environment. Once the Program has finished, we will organize a gallery night for parents, guardians and friends to come view the art hung up in our program room. more details of this gallery night will be provided closer to the date of its running! this gives the children an opportunity to showcase their art and show you what they have learnt! A little about me: Hi! I'm Courtney and I am the creative arts program coordinator. While not a credited art teacher I have been painting and doing art myself since I was five years old. I then expanded my passion for art in my schooling and was accepted into multiple arts programs for youth. I was taught to paint and to draw from my Family members which are composed of Art and Music Teachers and Volunteers. What does that mean for me now! And How is my background good for your kid's involvement! I am now a Social Worker and an Activities Officer at PCYC Balmain and have learnt to value how important creative arts can be as a form of expression and teaching children how to nurture their mental health. Not to mention how important it is for their development!

Creative Arts Poster

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