Tips for last minute Christmas shopping

Admit it, last year you said you wouldn’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute…. this year it was going to be different (but it’s not). Christmas is close, and you are sitting there with a Christmas to-do list that’s a mile long.

Here are our tips to help you finish your shopping on time.

  • Do all your shopping via click and collect – visit the store’s website and check the *Click and Collect* option. You simply place your order online, pop into the store and pick up all your shopping packed and ready to go. This saves you time and helps you beat the crowds. Not all stores offer this service, so check before shopping/placing your order.
  • Shop during those * non-peak time hours* – this means going to the stores when no one else is there, go early in the morning, or very late at night. This way you will find parking more efficiently, and you won’t have to stand in long lines. The best time to go (if you can) is first thing in the morning, stores generally re-stock overnight, so you have more chances of finding what you want in stock.
  • Compare prices online before you go to the shops, this way you can track down a good bargain on the gifts you are looking for.
  • Keep all your receipts – if you are shopping at the last minute and can’t be *picky* this means you may have to compromise on colours, style and sizes. Holding onto the receipt allows the recipient the chance to exchange an item if it’s not *quite right*.
  • Gift Cards – gift cards have come a long way in the past few years and most stores and clubs have cards available. Gift cards can be purchased for retail stores, movies, and even experiences. Cards can often be purchased online or in store, if you’re not sure what to buy, some shopping centres have cards that can be used in a range of stores within their centre.
  • Subscriptions are both a handy gift and a quick gift to purchase online, from subscriptions to magazines, to Netflix, Stan, gaming platforms and so much more.
  • Buy your friend or loved one an *experience*, a day spa treatment, tickets to see their favourite band, a day out in a sports car, hot air ballooning, a meal at an expensive restaurant, the list is endless and is undoubtedly a different gift to give, a memorable gift that they can treasure forever.

If you are last minute shopping this year – good luck, but remember – it’s going to be different next year!