PCYC NSW offers TeamGym as part of our gymnastics programs, in many of our clubs across the state.

TeamGym is relatively new to Australia and is a fun and social way showcase a variety of gymnastics skills in a team environment.

Teams consist of 6-12 athletes who perform 3 routines to music – floor (comprising of dance and acrobatic elements), tumbling (consisting of a series of forwards and backwards skills from rolls and cartwheels to flips), and mini tramp (jumps, turns and somersaults!).

Teams are split into divisions based on skill level, catering from the very beginner to the most advanced gymnast.

You can progress through the pathway and hone your skills to a very high level with PCYC, as well as having a lot of fun, building confidence and developing your skills in teamwork.

PCYC NSW is the largest provider of Gymnastics in the state. PCYC is affiliated with Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics NSW, giving young gymnasts the opportunity to train for the skills they need to thrive in the world of gymnastics. Our coaches will ensure that your child is safe as they perform routines and use the gymnastics apparatuses.

At PCYC New South Wales, we have been empowering young people to reach their potential since 1937. We help children and teenagers get active within their communities, allowing them to develop critical life skills and build their character.


6pm - 7.30pm
TeamGym combines parts of tumbling, mini tramp and dance to create an exciting team competition event. You get to flip, roll, jump and dance with your friends. TeamGym is huge in Europe, with strong teams of teenagers and young adults pitting their skills and teamwork against other teams. The Australian TeamGym program has been developed for teams of gymnasts, with performances on 3 different apparatus. Teams perform on the following apparatus: - Floor - Tumbling - Vaulting / Mini trampoline (trampette)