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5 tips to help you get motivated when you aren’t feeling it

5 tips to help you get motivated when you aren’t feeling it

Are you just not feeling it at the moment? We don’t blame you, it’s been a crazy year! Here’s how to get your mojo back and get motivated.

Is your motivation at an all time low? Maybe you’ve lost sight of your goals, missed a few too many sessions at the gym, or simply can’t muster up the strength to start studying? Don’t stress, we all have these moments from time to time. The important thing is that you know you can do better and you want to learn how to get motivated - which is exactly why you’ve here! 

Get motivated, boost your energy levels and channel razor sharp focus into everything you do with these top tips on how to get motivated when you aren’t feeling it.

1. Ask yourself why

If you’re really not feeling it, it might be time to ask yourself why? If you’re doing something you really don’t want to be doing, or are unmotivated because you’re on the wrong path, then this could be an indicator that you need to reassess what you’re doing at the moment.

We all have bad spouts where motivation is lacking, but if this is something that has been a recurrent problem in one area of your life then it might be a case that you need to change that thing. We’re all different and we all have different interests, like and dislikes. It’s all about finding your groove and what works for you!

For example, if you’re trying to get fit but you have absolutely no motivation to go to the gym, maybe you should switch it up and try a fun activity instead. This might boost motivation instantly by taking away the thing you can’t be bothered to do and replacing it with something that you will be more motivated to get up and do.

2. Set goals

Although the first tip is the ideal solution, there are some things in life that you simply have to do (and kind of have to do in a certain way too). The things were talking about here are things like school, work and family or community commitments.

If you’re struggling to get motivated for these kinds of things, one of the most helpful hacks can be to set goals for yourself. This will enable you to tackle the task in chunks and make headway on the project overall. Setting goals means that you have a target that is SMART:

Specific = the goal should identify a specific action or achievement

Measurable = the goal should be measurable

Achievable = the goal should be attainable and achievable

Relevant = the goal needs to be relevant to you and your overall goals

Time-based = there needs to be a time frame on the goal

3. Don’t do it alone

When you’re feeling unmotivated, one of the hardest things is simply getting started. With people around you encouraging you to get going, it can be a lot easier.

One of our top tips for motivation would be to gather friends to do the activity with you, join a club, or get involved in a community organisation where people will count on seeing you. Being held accountable is essential to being motivated, and having people around you helps to increase this feeling of accountability.

4. Stay active

Staying fit, healthy and active can have amazing consequences for your whole life. Once you get your body active and feeling good, the mind often follows because you release endorphins when you exercise that help you feel happier.

Staying active can also make you less stressed, more focused and alert and may increase motivation in other areas of your life. Joining a sports club or gym will help you stay active and motivated!  

5. Find inspiration

If you want to stay motivated, it can help to find people or things that inspire you and follow what they do. This could be in the form of a person or mentor, a book, a quote - really anything that motivates you and gets you pumped.

At PCYC, we have plenty of great community members to look up to, as well as sports ambassadors and police officers who can regularly be spotted in our clubs.

Some of our favourite clips to watch for some instant motivation are: