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2020 is the year for change: Learn more about the NSW Active Kids Rebate

2020 is the year for change: Learn more about the NSW Active Kids Rebate

The arrival of a new year brings hope and the chance to make a fresh start. You can make 2020 the year for change with The Active Kids Rebate.

Are you looking to change habits in the new year and get your kids active?

The Active Kids Rebate can help you by shouldering some of the financial strain of engaging the kids in out of school activities. This program offered by the NSW Government means that kids from kindergarten through to Year 12 are eligible for a $100 rebate voucher.

Why is the Active Kids Rebate so great?

The wonderful aspect of this, is that kids can try out a new sport or recreational activity to see what piques their interest. From the parents/caregiver perspective, it’s a great way for the kids to try out some new sporting activities without financial commitment (which can deter some families).

With a diverse mix of activities, your local PCYC Club is the perfect place to redeem your voucher. Your best plan involves enrolling the kids in activities you know they will like, and thanks to the voucher – taking a chance with a new activity. The importance of keeping active can’t be underestimated. After all, it’s far easier to get our kids to be active than it is once they’re all grown up. We know this, because research shows that large numbers of Australian adults are inactive.

With so many sporting options to choose from – sometimes it can get overwhelming. So why not consider some of these tried and true activities, to help make lifestyle changes for the better (check with your local PCYC Club to see what activities they offer, because the offerings vary from club-to-club).

What does PCYC Active Kids cover?

  • Gymnastics. A terrific way for kids to develop whole body awareness, this sport requires developing phenomenal strength using your own body weight (this takes time to happen). Gymnastics involves developing the muscle groups of the entire body. Boys and girls can equally benefit from this sport. Visiting your local gymnastics club is the place to start.
  • Boxing. An enduring sport, boxing continues to be popular because it is founded on the simple principle of hard work. Countless hours are required to develop the necessary skills that boxing training These skills come about from perseverance and discipline (which are also necessary lifelong skills to master outside of a boxing ring).
  • Archery. What better sport than one that requires precision and control. Allow your kids to sharpen their focus and concentration with this ancient sport. To aim and fire the arrow takes amazing hand-eye coordination.
  • Dancing. Aside from the cardiovascular benefits, dancing can improve coordination and flexibility, amongst many other benefits. Dancing is a lifelong sport that can be continued throughout life with or without a partner – the perfect way to stay active your whole life. So, get ‘em kids dancing!

The Active Kids Rebate is an offer too good to refuse. Why not sign up the kids today and try something new?