Over the past 5 years, the Nations of Origin event has seen huge success. The 2017 tournament saw the engagement of over 1000 Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people from across NSW participating in the multi-faceted sport, cultural, education and leadership program. Boys and Girls in 75 teams representing 18 Aboriginal Nations participated in Netball, Rugby League and Futsal tournaments. 810 players and over 180 event and team volunteers between the ages of 10 and 21 came together from across NSW to support the event. Teams were supported by over 300 volunteers that trained with teams in the lead up to and during the event in the capacity of supervisors, managers, coaches and trainers.

Nations of Origin empowers and motivates youth to celebrate Australia’s diverse indigenous culture and its deep impact on our history and their stories.

Nations of Origin has four main components: Reconciliation, Education, Cultural Identity and Sport.

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