At PCYC NSW, we offer craft classes and groups for young people that enjoy being hands-on and creative. Arts and crafts provide a healthy way for kids to relieve stress and use their creativity to make something that they’re proud of.

There’s no need to be an accomplished artist or have previous craft experience to join a craft class at PCYC. Our craft classes are open to children and teenagers who are interested in experimenting with various types of crafts. From drawing to scrapbooking to knitting, there are many different pathways to crafting that young people can pursue at PCYC.

During craft class, a friendly and knowledgeable PCYC staff member will offer encouragement and help your child with their crafts. Materials will be provided by PCYC, so there’s no need to send your child to class with any extra crafting items.

While in class, your little one will also be able to chat with other crafters and make new friends. Many students find that they enjoy the social aspect of catching up with mates while they work on their crafts.

Craft classes are offered in many PCYC clubs during school holidays, and we accept Creative Kids vouchers (giving kids $100 free access to creative learning per year) in all of our sites.

As a leading youth organisation in Australia, PCYC New South Wales operates more than 65 clubs and centres around the state. In partnership with NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command, we offer personal development programs as well as recreational, sport, and vocational activities.

Messy Play For Children From 0 - 5 Years

0-5 years
10am- 11am
10am- 11am
Every Tuesday & Thursday from 10am - 10:45am come along and enjoy Messy Play. Children will play with Paints, Play dough, coloured foods, and so many more sensory experiences to be had! Messy Play assists with Cognitive development, Fine & Gross Motor skills, Social skills, relationship building, emotional skills and so many more areas. and best of all we clean up all the mess at the end! Sessions only $8 for members (parent/guardian must be present and financial member but is not required to pay each session as well)