At PCYC NSW, we offer a number of group fitness classes to help you and your family get active and enjoy physical activity. Joining a group fitness class at PCYC allows you to establish and maintain healthy habits while also socialising and forming new friendships.

If you don’t have much experience in the gym, then a group fitness class can serve as an easy introduction to working out. In PCYC group fitness classes, knowledgeable instructors will lead participants through cardiovascular and strength exercises, helping everyone maintain good form and keeping all gym-goers safe.

PCYC group fitness classes are fast-paced and fun, with suitable options for different ages and fitness levels. We offer various group fitness options at each club, including everything from HIIT and Body Pump to Spin and Aerobics. In general, classes include strength training combined with cardio workouts, but group fitness also includes Pilates and Yoga. Whether you’re trying to add muscle, lose weight, or maintain your health, you’ll find plenty of options at PCYC.

As you break a sweat in class, your experienced trainer will coach you, helping you work toward your goals. At the end of your session, you’ll leave feeling proud and accomplished of your efforts in the gym.

Fitness lovers of all ages are welcome at PCYC New South Wales. We operate more than 60 clubs and centres across the state, providing gym facilities and guided classes to help you stay in shape. We’re a community-based gym, and our goal is to make fitness accessible for as many people as possible.

Since 1937, PCYC New South Wales has also helped kids get active and become leaders within their community. We partner with NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command to empower young adults to reach their potential and develop essential life skills.

Heated Pilates

5pm to 6pm
Join us for a Heated Pilates Class - a low impact, high intensity workout in a heated room. Working out in hot studios increases your metabolism and burns more calories than the same activity in a non-heated studio.