At PCYC NSW, we offer aerobics classes to help people of all ages and fitness levels. Aerobics is a fantastic way to have fun and stay active. Our community-based gyms offer a variety of aerobics activities, making it easy for you to get your muscles moving and break a sweat. Joining a group fitness class like aerobics is also a great way to make new friends, mix up your workouts, and motivate yourself to keep returning to the gym.


If you’re relatively new to working out, taking an aerobics class at PCYC can help you ease into fitness under the expert guidance of our knowledgeable trainers. Our aerobics classes get you moving without putting too much pressure on your joints, allowing you to focus on building your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and overall fitness levels. 


As with other group fitness classes at PCYC, you’re encouraged to go at your own pace as you complete your aerobic exercises, only pushing yourself as far as you feel comfortable. Over time, you will increase your endurance and be able to extend your limits in terms of your physical ability.


Some people incorporate aerobics as part of a weight-loss plan, while others use it as a way to stay in shape. No matter what your reasons, PCYC staff can help you smash your fitness goals and feel fantastic. Plus, participating in aerobics can boost your mental health and help you feel more confident and empowered.


PCYC NSW provides accessible gym facilities and classes in more than 65 clubs and sports centres around the state. Founded in 1937, PCYC NSW is a registered charity, and rely on support to do the work we do. Choosing to work out at a PCYC supports us in our mission to empower young people to empower young people to reach their potential and serve as leaders within their communities.


PCYC NSW offers a wide range of recreational and sporting activities.

80's Style Aerobics

$12.50 per class
$12.50 per class
11:30am to 12:30pm
Grab your leg warmers and join us for a fun social aerobics class. A great way to get some cardio fitness, have a laugh and meet new people.