Volleyball is one of the many indoor court sports on offer at PCYC NSW, and is definitely one of our most popular, attracting all ages and abilities to the sport across our clubs, and drawing in many members for our competitions.

PCYC operates competitions under the governance of Volleyball NSW, and follows the peak bodies rules and regulations.

PCYC clubs run a variety of volleyball after school programs and it is always a popular choice during our school holidays program.

Volleyball is an approved Active Kids activity, meaning school aged young people can use their 2 x $100 vouchers making it an affordable option.

If you want to get yourself started in the sport of Volleyball or get back into the sport, no matter your skill level, we are here to help you on your journey.

We have Volleyball activities for everyone from primary and high school children all the way up to adults. Plus, if you simply want to hire a court for your own team training or personal workout, you can do that too. We have courts for hire and for a casual drop-in practice. Bring your friends, family or even your school groups down and learn something new.
PCYC provides accessible courts in many of our clubs and sports centres around the state. Founded in 1937, PCYC NSW is a registered charity, and relies on community support to do the work we do. Choosing to play court sports at PCYC supports us in our mission to empower young people to empower young people to reach their potential and serve as leaders within their communities.
Come and play Volleyball at PCYC and stay fit and active while having fun and giving back!

Hunter Volleyball Inc

Please see vendor for details
Please see vendor for details
*Volleyball is looking to return soon New date TBA* Volleyball is an international sport, played by 2 teams of 6 players who hit a ball over a net to each other, predominately using their hands or forearms. Overview. A team can play the ball up to 3 times on their side of the net before playing it over.

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