If you’d like to get back in shape, lose weight, or stay active, PCYC Lake Illawarra offers a number of gym and fitness activities to help you pursue your goals. With casual use gym facilities and regular group exercise classes, our community-based club provides a supportive environment for individuals of all age groups and fitness levels.

At our club, we host twice-weekly group fitness classes for those who prefer to exercise with others. In these classes, you’ll enjoy the mental and physical benefits of exercise, as well as the perks of social interaction. 

PCYC Lake Illawarra also offers a Senior Fitness class twice per week. These sessions are designed for our members over the age of 50 who want a low-impact but fun way to get moving. 

In addition to group fitness classes, our club also provides casual use gym facilities. At PCYC Lake Illawarra, you’ll find all of the gym equipment you need to stay in shape, including cardio machines, weights, and more. These facilities are open to our members of all ages (during club operational hours). View our current Lake Illawarra group fitness classes timetable below.