Knowing how to speak a second (or third) language is a useful skill for both children and adults. With language classes at PCYC NSW, your child can begin learning a foreign language at a time in their life where the lessons will be more likely to stick.

When kids are young, their brains are designed to absorb knowledge and information. As a result, children tend to have an easier time learning a foreign language than adults. That’s why young adulthood is the ideal time to enrol your little one in language lessons at PCYC.

As your child goes through language lessons with one of our trained instructors, they will learn basic things such as the alphabet, counting, colours, and the days of the week. As they develop their skills, they’ll be able to have more complete conversations and speak their new language with ease.

Language lessons at PCYC are an excellent way to prepare your child for a language class at school. Kids of all language levels are welcome to join PCYC lessons, whether to work on their existing language skills or start from scratch. Attending language classes at PCYC also allows your child to make new friends, with whom they can practise speaking in their chosen language.

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