At PCYC NSW, we offer disability gymnastics classes to get young people of all ability levels active and involved in their community. With our disability gymnastics classes, we aim to create a fun and inclusive environment where children and teenagers can express themselves through movement and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of exercise.

When you enrol your child in a disability gymnastics class at PCYC, they will work on their fundamental gymnastics skills, including flexibility, strength, and coordination. As they dedicate time to improving their physical skills, they will also begin to feel more confident and proud of what they’ve accomplished. At the end of their class, your child will leave with important lessons that they can use in all areas of life.

If your child hasn’t participated in sports before, gymnastics is a great place to start. Gymnastics teaches kids essential skills that can be used in a number of other sports and activities, providing a fantastic foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.

For young people with disabilities, it can sometimes be difficult to participate in certain types of exercise with their peers. That’s why PCYC NSW offers disability gymnastics classes for little ones who have different needs when it comes to physical activity and stimulation.

At PCYC NSW, we provide a community gathering place for children and teenagers to get active, make friends, and build important life skills. With more than 65 clubs and centres around the state, we help kids reach their potential and build their character.

In addition to our sports and activities classes, we also partner with NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command to offer personal development programs to help young people become leaders in their communities.