PCYC NSW offers indoor archery classes for all ages and abilities, under the watchful eye and instruction from coaches accredited with Archery Australia.

Archery is a great sport of skill, patience, accuracy and discipline. Coming along to a PCYC Archery class is a great way to meet new friends and develop fundamental skills in the sport. Whether as part of a term activity, or a school holiday workshop, we are here as a great entry point into the sport.

Archery is also an approved ‘Active Kids’ sport, meaning you can redeem up to $200 of vouchers to offset class fees. Find out more about Active Kids here [***LINK TO ACTIVE KIDS PAGE***].

PCYC NSW provides accessible recreation facilities and classes in more than 65 clubs and sports centres around the state. Founded in 1937, PCYC NSW is a registered charity, and we rely on support to do the work we do. Choosing to do classes and activities such as Archery at a PCYC club supports us in our mission to empower young people to empower young people to reach their potential and serve as leaders within their communities.


$90 Term Fee $14 casual
$90 Term Fee $14 casual
6:30pm -7:30pm
At PCYC Gunnedah, we offer archery classes for children, teenagers, and adults who want to get involved with this fun and rewarding sport. Our indoor archery sessions are designed for people of all abilities, so everyone is welcome to join and try their hand at this exciting activity. Our weekly Archery class is the perfect way to engaged with physical activity and socialising with their peers. In these sessions, you will get acquainted with archery equipment and learn about the rules of the game. After they've established a good understanding of the basics, they’ll get the chance to shoot. Archery classes at PCYC Gunnedah are led by experienced coaches who are accredited with Archery Australia. They will ensure that all proper safety procedures are followed and that everyone is comfortable in class. View our current Young Archery classes timetable below.

CLASS RUN BY: Gunnedah Archery Club