Whether you’re aiming to get into better shape or maintain a healthy weight, personal training sessions at PCYC NSW can help you achieve your fitness goals. Under the close guidance of our certified personal trainers, you will work on your strength, cardiovascular fitness, conditioning, and more -- boosting your overall health and helping you feel fantastic.

Before you embark on a new exercise journey, it’s important to set your objectives and understand what you should do to make them happen. At PCYC, your trainer can help you define your fitness goals and create a manageable pathway for hitting them. Plus, working out with a personal trainer is the best way to ensure that you’re pursuing your goals safely and effectively.

With personal training sessions at PCYC, you’ll learn how to maintain proper form while exercising and watch your physical performance improve as you put in hard work at the gym. As a result, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and feel a boost of confidence from your self-discipline and dedication. At PCYC, you can also meet fellow gym-goers and create new friendships.

PCYC is a community-based gym, providing individuals of all ages and fitness levels the opportunity to push themselves toward their goals. In New South Wales, PCYC operates more than 37 gym & fitness facilities, including high performance and state-of-the-art equipment in some of our clubs, where community members can get active, explore their interests, and socialise with others.

Since 1937, PCYC New South Wales has helped young adults reach their potential by creating a safe and inclusive space, with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and participate in their community. We work with NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command to get children and teenagers active in life.

Personal Training

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PCYC glebe offer one on one training, Group sessions and boxing for fitness training. It is run by one of our qualified trainers Kayla. For further information contact the club on 9660 2557