If you have an aspiring cheerleader at home, bring them to PCYC NSW to join one of our cheerleading classes. At PCYC, your little one will learn the fundamentals of cheerleading, an exciting sport that incorporates dance, gymnastics, and on-stage performance.

In Australia, cheerleading is gaining popularity quickly. Cheerleading is a fun and fast-paced activity that helps children and teenagers learn about commitment and teamwork, where kids work with their teammates to perform synchronised routines in front of a crowd. It’s also an excellent sport for young adults who have already taken tumbling or gymnastics classes (although previous experience is not needed for cheerleading classes at PCYC).

Cheerleading classes help improve physical and mental strength, boosting both athleticism and individual character. In addition to learning cheer moves and routines, young people will also appreciate the value of teamwork and learn how to be a responsible team member. In order to succeed in cheerleading, everyone on the team has to work in harmony and look out for one another.

PCYC NSW offers cheerleading classes at several of our clubs, giving kids from across the state the opportunity to take part in this challenging yet rewarding activity. We’re committed to empowering young people to reach their potential and be the best version of themselves.

With more than 65 clubs and centres around New South Wales, PCYC provides youth programs and activities designed to get your child involved in their community in a safe and meaningful way. In partnership with NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command, PCYC NSW has given kids a place to build their confidence, participate in their community, and build critical life skills since 1937.

Cheerleading (Recreational & Competitive Team)

Recreation & Competitive
4-5pm (Recreational), 4-5 (Comp Tumbling), 5-6pm & 6pm-7pm
9-10am (tumbling), 10am-11:30am, 10:30-11:30 (Back Handspring Class) & 11:30am-1pm
We have a recreational cheerleading team and competitive cheerleading. Competitive cheerleading team must training twice a week on Monday and Saturday. For moreinformation please email cheerpcycglebe@gmail.com

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