If you’re searching for an amusing way to keep your kids entertained and active, why not sign them up for hula hooping classes from PCYC NSW? With guidance from PCYC staff, your little one will learn the basics of this fun-filled activity, building on their skills and working their way up to perform impressive tricks.

Hula hooping is a challenging and exciting activity that takes skill and dedication to master. Not only does it get your muscles moving, but it also challenges your mind, as you continuously think about how to maintain balance and transition into your next move. In addition to learning the fundamentals of hula hooping, your child will also be able to partake in games with their classmates.

If you’ve struggled to get your child engaged with other types of physical activity, hula hooping could be something that they enjoy. There’s no prior experience necessary to take a hula hooping class at PCYC, so kids of all age groups and ability levels can join in on the fun.

All in all, hula hooping is an activity that many kids end up loving. So don’t be shocked if your child comes home eager to put their new moves on display and entertain the whole family with their skills.

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Hula Hooping

13 + -Adults
Mixed, Absolute Beginners - Intermediate levels
7.00pm -8.00pm
Get fit and have fun in this high energy beginner friendly class. Learn how spin the Hula Hoop on your body, along with lots of other tips and tricks, taught by a professional Hula Hoop performer