PCYC is a unique partnership between NSW Police, Rotary and the Community offering an amazingly diverse range of services to serve the community and empower young people to reach their potential.

PCYC NSW is a values-based operation focused on people - the members we serve and the communities in which we operate - and across the state, over 800 staff and 1,500 volunteers make it possible for us to deliver local services to meet individual community needs.

PCYC Cowra Young Road is no different! We are eternally grateful to our hardworking and talented team. Learn more about our wonderful staff, coaches and officers below, and drop in anytime to say hi in person. They'd love to meet you!

PCYC Cowra Young Road - Club Manager - Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor

Club Manager

With much experience behind him, Jeff has come into PCYC Cowra with fresh and innovative ideas, leading the team in an ideal manner with respect and understanding.

PCYC Cowra Young Road - OOSH Coordinator - Caitlin Dixon

Caitlin Dixon

OOSH Coordinator

Caitlin has been apart of the PCYC family for the past 4 years engaging in many roles whilst she undertakes her Secondary PE teaching degree at University of Canberra

PCYC Cowra Young Road - Activity Officer - Josh Weston

Josh Weston

Activity Officer

Josh is a new face around PCYC Cowra, however he has been a great asset to the club getting involved in coaching the younger children and helping facilitate our sporting competitions by reffing, showing leadership and also joining in.

PCYC Cowra Young Road - Children's Activity Officer - Talitha Brown

Talitha Brown

Children's Activity Officer

Fitting in nicely to our PCYC Cowra club, Talitha has shown great interest to our OOSH service and involves herself actively when engaging with the children.

PCYC Cowra Young Road - Activity Officer - Holli Madgwick

Holli Madgwick

Activity Officer

Holli is a great asset to our team as you will see her floating about clubs helping with birthday parties and school sport. She is always so happy and bubbily so makes the workplace such a great space to be around!

PCYC Cowra Young Road - Children's Activity Officer - Ebony Ingram

Ebony Ingram

Children's Activity Officer

Ebony works in our OOSH program as a certified children's educator during the school term and vacation care. She always has great ideas in regard to arts and crafts!

PCYC Cowra Young Road - Children's Activity Officer - Danielle Pasqua

Danielle Pasqua

Children's Activity Officer

Welcome to the team Danielle!! She currently works as an SLSO at Mulyan Public School so she is a great asset to our childcare team with her specialisation in behavioural needs. Danielle is also our main lady for birthday parties so make sure to book in so you can experience a fantastic led party!

PCYC Cowra Young Road - Children's Activity Officer - Mac Jeffries

Mac Jeffries

Children's Activity Officer

With many years of experience behind her in school settings, Mac has been a great asset to our team due to her strong abilities of creating a strong rapport with the students in our OOSH service.

PCYC Cowra Young Road - Children's Activity Officer - Simone Thornett

Simone Thornett

Children's Activity Officer

Simone has assisted our service by providing a wonderful insight in the day to day interests and strengths of the children involved in our service and always puts their needs at the top of her list at work.

PCYC Cowra Young Road - Activity Officer - Molly Milton

Molly Milton

Activity Officer

Molly has recently started with us and you will see her floating between different roles in the club assisting with school sports, general cleaning and helping out at our sport programs. She has a vibrant personality that assists with participation across the club programs.

PCYC Cowra Young Road - Activity Officer - Talia Karaitiana-Halls

Talia Karaitiana-Halls

Activity Officer

Our gymnastics supercoach is always willing to lead the way with everything involved with gymnastics as she leads our school sporting participation and weekly gymnastics programs.