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PCYC Coffs Harbour

PCYC Coffs Harbour is one of 66 PCYC NSW sites across the state; PCYC NSW is a registered charity, and we aim to empower young people by being better together.

PCYC NSW operates in partnership with the New South Wales Police Force and our community members.

PCYC Coffs Harbour has a wide array of activities and programs for youth and the general public. We invite you to view our activities and programs on our website.

In addition to our programs, we have an on-site, commercial gym, which the public can access. PCYC Coffs Harbour also accepts fitness passports; a fitness passport is a corporate health and fitness program that provides members and their families access to our gym and fitness facilities. Your employer may offer this benefit; contact your human resource manager to enquire.

PCYC Coffs Harbour also has a canteen for our members' convenience. Items sold include coffee, tea, hot chocolate, ice cream, sports drinks, confectionery, drink bottles and towels.

We are proud to operate the following programs at PCYC Coffs Harbour:

- Safer Driver Course
- Traffic Offenders Intervention Program: Online
- Fit For Life (RISEUP / NSWPF)
- Fit For Change (RISEUP / NSWPF)

We're thankful for the relationships with have with our venue and service users:

- Coffs Coast Judo
- Community OOSH
- Maximum Potential Fitness
- First Step Dance Academy: Mid North Coast

PCYC Coffs Harbour operates with staff, volunteers and police officers from the NSWPF Youth Command.

We invite all community members, service providers and local organisations to visit our team at PCYC Coffs Harbour.

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PCYC is the largest provider of Gymnastics in NSW. We are always looking for coaches to join our incredible team, and help us to continue to provide positive experiences for young people across NSW. Whether you're a qualified coach, or not yet qualified, but love gymnastics and are interested in exploring a pathway to gymnastics coaching, we'd love to hear from you! We will help you to gain your accreditation, and support you on your PCYC journey as a gymnastics coach, making an impact in young people's lives.

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