PCYC is a unique partnership between NSW Police, Rotary and the Community offering an amazingly diverse range of services to serve the community and empower young people to reach their potential.

PCYC NSW is a values-based operation focused on people - the members we serve and the communities in which we operate - and across the state, over 800 staff and 1,500 volunteers make it possible for us to deliver local services to meet individual community needs.

PCYC Albury is no different! We are eternally grateful to our hardworking and talented team. Learn more about our wonderful staff, coaches and officers below, and drop in anytime to say hi in person. They'd love to meet you!

PCYC Albury - Club Manager - Shane Walters

Shane Walters

Club Manager

Shane is the man that wears different hats at PCYC Albury. Sector Manager, Club Manager and currently State OOSH Project Manager. He is committed to making a difference within the community, with over 25 years of experience working with youth, Shane is committed and passionate about getting young people active, developing their skills, character and leadership availabilities while reducing and preventing crime against and by the youth.

PCYC Albury - Activities Officer  - Jack Jorgensen

Jack Jorgensen

Activities Officer

Jack has over 6 years of experience working and volunteering in the youth sector, through the local council and now PCYC. Jack is passionate about giving the youth a voice within the community and allowing them to express themselves through events and programs.

PCYC Albury - Senior Activities Officer  - Sophie Coope

Sophie Coope

Senior Activities Officer

Sophie has worked with PCYC Albury for over 12 months now and has built the gymnastics program from the ground up to where it is today. Sophie continues to build the programs here at PCYC Albury as well as works on the floor to make sure the kids have a smile on their faces.

PCYC Albury - Activities Officer - Peter Randal

Peter Randal

Activities Officer

Peter is the coordinator of our Driving Programs for our sector. (SDC, DLAP & TOIP) Before working for PCYC, Peter served in the Australian Defence Force and has followed his passion for helping others by joining the team at PCYC Albury.

PCYC Albury - Activities Officer  - Mikaela Shepherd

Mikaela Shepherd

Activities Officer

Mikaela runs multiple programs here at PCYC Albury, from GRIT, Basketball, Multi-Sport and more. She is passionate about reaching young people and creating a culture that equips and impacts them positively.

PCYC Albury - Activities Officer  - Andrew Burke

Andrew Burke

Activities Officer

Andrew is an all-rounder sportsman, he is responsible for our Boxing Program, and some of our Learn To Play Programs. Since coming on board to PCYC, Andrew has become one of our GRIT Facilitators. He is passionate about teaching the next generation of sports people.

PCYC Albury - Activities Officer  - Aliesha Coyle

Aliesha Coyle

Activities Officer

Aliesha's speciality is Gymnastics and Parkour.

PCYC Albury - Activities Officer  - Grace Alexander

Grace Alexander

Activities Officer

Grace's speciality is STEM and Administration Duties

PCYC Albury - Activities Officer - Molly Dunn

Molly Dunn

Activities Officer

Molly's speciality is Gymnastics and Birthday Parties

PCYC Albury - Activities Officer  - Finn Hegarty

Finn Hegarty

Activities Officer

Finns Specialty is Soccer

PCYC Albury - Activities Officer  - Georgie Whittaker

Georgie Whittaker

Activities Officer

Georgie's speciality is Netball

PCYC Albury - Activities Officer  - Will Hanson

Will Hanson

Activities Officer

Will's speciality is Admin and a variety of sporting activities.

PCYC Albury - Volunteer - Lisa Maginnity

Lisa Maginnity


Lisa's Speciality is Basketball

PCYC Albury - Volunteer - Hilly Westra

Hilly Westra


Hilly's speciality is Judo

PCYC Albury - Volunteer - Wayne Knight

Wayne Knight


Wayne's speciality is Boxing