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PCYC NSW clubs that have a dedicated gym and fitness space are committed to offering a range of gym and fitness options that cater for all ages and skill levels.

Our gyms are safe, inclusive and affordable with a variety of options to suit your needs. As a community based gym, PCYC gyms are able to cater for all fitness levels and budgets that give you the right balance of training and motivation.

Every PCYC gym has a different set up and that is what makes us so unique throughout NSW. Whether you are training for the first time or are a regular, we offer the following; 

  • Gym & weights 
  • Personal training  
  • Group fitness classes  
  • Weightlifting/Power lifting  
  • Body building  

PCYC NSW gym’s offer no lock in contracts, no joining fees and no fixed contracts making us the perfect option for everyone! We have modern, family friendly facilities offering quality service since 1937!
So what are you waiting for? Contact your local PCYC club today for further information on how to join your local gym! 

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