At PCYC Young, our basketball programs and classes are designed to get our members active and excited about sports. With children’s basketball classes and adult competition leagues, our community-based club is a fun and safe place for everyone to play basketball.

We host weekly Learn 2 Play Basketball sessions for young boys and girls who are interested in trying basketball for the first time. In these classes, little ones (aged 5 and up) will learn about the fundamentals of the sport, including rules and terminology, as well as important techniques, such as shooting and dribbling. 

By participating in basketball classes at our club, kids will gain the preparation they need to play basketball as a team. They’ll also boost their self-esteem, confidence, and respect for themselves and others. 

For adults (aged 16 and up), PCYC Young runs a weekly basketball competition. Participants will play as part of a team and take on opposing squads each week. These games are fun and friendly, with an element of friendly competition.

PCYC Young is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive place to enjoy basketball. View our current Young basketball classes and competitions timetable below.