Looking for things to do in the upcoming school holidays?

PCYC NSW runs a variety of safe, fun, creative and inclusive school holiday activities for primary and high school aged youth. Our structured programs have a selection of sport and creative based activities to ensure we offer something for everyone!

From multi-sport, gymnastics and boxing to painting, dance and crafts. From pirate days and graffiti, to coding classes and skateboarding, we have lots on offer!

Looking for school holidays activities while you're vacation elsewhere in the state? PCYC membership gives you access to any of our 66 clubs! Drop your kids off for school holidays activities while you're on your 'staycation'!

PCYC Wagga Wagga school holiday activities are run by qualified coaches that have a passion for working with young people in a sport and recreation environment. Our programs are designed to be affordable for the local communities that surround our clubs ensuring a cost-effective school holiday option for all families. We also accept Active and Creative Kids vouchers at all of our clubs.

Check out our timetable of upcoming school holidays activities below.

Summer Holidays 2023

$53 per day
Mon 18 Dec
Nerfwars, Soccer, Badminton, Balloon Tennis, Christmas Craft (tree ornaments)
Tue 19 Dec
Oz Tag, Ninja, Cricket, European handball
Wed 20 Dec
NBA Day (Wear your team jersey), Dance, Dodgeball, Christmas Craft (Build Santa's Slay)
Thu 21 Dec
Volleyball, Christmas dance party, Nerfwars, Obstacle course
Fri 22 Dec
Christmas Break
Sat 23 Dec
Christmas Break
Sun 24 Dec
Christmas Break
Mon 25 Dec
Christmas Break
Tue 26 Dec
Christmas Break
Wed 27 Dec
Christmas Break
Thu 28 Dec
Christmas Break
Fri 29 Dec
Christmas Break
Sat 30 Dec
Christmas Break
Sun 31 Dec
Christmas Break
Mon 01 Jan
Christmas Break
Tue 02 Jan
Soccer, Show & Tell, Skipping rope games, Team building (Meet my squad)
Wed 03 Jan
Yoga, Floorball, Basketball, Bootcamp, Nerfwars
Thu 04 Jan
NRL DAY (Wear team jersey), Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Gymnastics
Fri 05 Jan
Mini Olympics (healthy heart day)
Sat 06 Jan
Closed - Weekend
Sun 07 Jan
Closed - Weekend
Mon 08 Jan
Scavenger Hunt, Pickleball, Dodgeball, Gymnastics
Tue 09 Jan
Tennis, Kickball, Netball, Team Building
Wed 10 Jan
Talent show, Basketball, Nerfwars, Badminton
Thu 11 Jan
AFL DAY (Wear team jerseys), Table Tennis, European Handball, Obstacle Course
Fri 12 Jan
Nerfwars, Athletics, Handball, Paper plane competition
Sat 13 Jan
Closed - Weekend
Sun 14 Jan
Closed - Weekend
Mon 15 Jan
Dance, Dodgeball, Gymnastics, Frisbee Tag
Tue 16 Jan
3x3 Basketball, Bootcamp, Nerfwars, Craft (Design a team jersey)
Wed 17 Jan
Table Tennis, Floorball, Pickleball, Kickball
Thu 18 Jan
Soccer, Talent Show, Team Building (Create a game), Party games
Fri 19 Jan
Touch football, Nerfwars, Disco, Relay Races
Sat 20 Jan
Closed - Weekend
Sun 21 Jan
Closed - Weekend
Mon 22 Jan
NFL DAY (Wear your team jersey), Handball, Netball, Ninja Warrior
Tue 23 Jan
World Cup (Soccer), Nerfwars, Scavenger Hunt
Wed 24 Jan
Skipping rope games, Boards games, Gymnastics, Basketball
Thu 25 Jan
Superhero Day (Dress up as your favourite superhero), Talent Show, Basketball, Dodgeball
Fri 26 Jan
Closed Australia Day
Sat 27 Jan
Closed - Weekend
Sun 28 Jan
Closed - Weekend
Mon 29 Jan
Create and play your own sports day
Tue 30 Jan
Mini Olympics (healthy heart day)
Wed 31 Jan
Competition Day - Tug a war, Relay Races, Multi sports


What to bring: Recess, Lunch, Drink bottle, Enclosed shoes

A jam-packed Summer School Holidays coming up with a wide variety of School Holiday workshops to keep the kids engaged and active. Active & creative kids Vouchers are accepted - MUST be redeemed via phone. If you haven't activated your vouchers, visit; https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/