At PCYC NSW, we offer learn to play classes to help children develop basic athletic skills before beginning a sport like soccer or basketball. Learn to play is designed for young people that have never played a sport before and would prefer to ease their way into it.

Our learn to play classes are led by trained PCYC staff, who will help your child understand the fundamentals of sports, such as flexibility, coordination, and strength. No matter which sport your child ultimately decides to play, these key skills will provide an excellent athletic foundation.

Learn to play is an inclusive and accessible activity, providing a safe environment for little ones to explore and figure out what they enjoy. These classes are not competitive, so kids are encouraged to relax and pursue what feels natural to them, allowing them to move at their own pace.

Even if your child is nervous about trying something new, PCYC staff will guide them through simple skills and drills so they feel comfortable. Our team is trained to support youngsters of all ages and ability levels, helping them build confidence in themselves as they attempt a new activity.

In addition to the physical aspect of learn to play, kids will also enjoy the benefits of social time at PCYC. During class, children can chat and play with one another and help each other practise their new skills.  

Started in 1937, PCYC New South Wales empowers young adults to reach their potential through our youth and police programs. PCYC operates more than 60 centres and clubs around the state, providing a gathering place for community members of all abilities to get active and socialise together.

Train 2 Play - Multisports

5-12 Y/O
$130 per term, $14.50 casual
$130 per term, $14.50 casual
Learn to play
Join our new "Train 2 Play" program. This program is designed to showcase different sports to kids. Each fortnight we will rotate to a different sport where we will do a small skills session followed by a game, giving the kids a taste of a variety of sports to see what they like.