PCYC Wagga Wagga offers boxing classes and programs to keep our members healthy, strong, and invested in their fitness. With a variety of class options, our community-based club is the perfect place to begin or continue boxing training. 

Children who want to get their start in boxing can attend our Boxing Junior classes. In these sessions, young boxers will learn the fundamental skills of the sport, including how to strike and protect themselves. As they move through their training, they will build self-confidence and appreciate the value of hard work in the gym. 

We also host a Boxing Amateur class, which is the next step after completing basic boxing training. During these classes, participants will discover how to effectively compete and take down their opponents. 

Our Kickboxing sessions are a good fit for people who want a complete cardio workout. These high-energy classes are the perfect way to burn calories and enjoy a fast-paced gym session. 

Members of PCYC Wagga Wagga can also use our boxing room on a casual basis during club operational hours. It’s a fantastic way for boxers to improve their skills on their own time. View our current Wagga Wagga Boxing classes timetable below.