Is your child searching for a creative outlet? With drama classes from PCYC NSW, your little one can perform in on-stage productions and find a love of theatre.

At PCYC, kids of all ages are welcome to join drama classes and participate in plays and musicals. Our drama classes are led by experienced professionals, who will offer guidance to your little one and help improve their performance skills.

During class, your child will hone their acting ability and learn more about what it takes to perform in the theatre. Some PCYC drama classes even put on their own theatrical productions, giving your little one the opportunity to put their drama skills to use on a live stage. At the same time, drama classes at PCYC provide a fantastic foundation for kids and teenagers who want to participate in the drama club at school.

Whether your child is serious about a career in the arts or just looking to try something new and build their confidence, taking a class at PCYC will allow them to explore their interest in drama and see where their talents are. As they express themselves creatively, they will also have the chance to meet classmates who share their passion for drama.

At PCYC NSW, we are committed to empowering young people to reach their potential. We encourage kids and teenagers to get involved in their community by participating in our various youth programs and activities.

We run more than 65 clubs and centres across New South Wales, offering young people a place to get active, develop their leadership skills, and make new friends. At PCYC, kids learn skills and lessons that they can take with them through life.