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At PCYC NSW, we offer tumbling classes for all ages. Junior tumbling is a great way to keep your little ones healthy and active. Tumbling is a fantastic activity for kids of all ages to hone their athletic skills and perfect their gymnastic techniques. In particular, younger children can really benefit from tumbling classes, as it’s a great way to develop flexibility and introduce them to athletics.

With guidance from professional PCYC staff, your child will learn tumbling basics such as somersaults, flips, and handstands. Tumbling skills are a great foundation for kids that are interested in going into gymnastics or cheerleading.

When you enrol your child in a tumbling class with PCYC, they will learn how to properly and safely perform tumbling moves, under the supervision of team leaders. They will also have the chance to interact with other children around their age, allowing them to make friends and learn how to be a good teammate.

As your child progresses through tumbling classes with PCYC, they will be able to take pride in their growing skills and build their confidence both inside and outside of the gym. This is an excellent way to teach little ones useful lessons that they will use at home, at school, and later in life.

PCYC runs a number of specialist gymnastics classes and courses as the largest provider of Gymnastics in the state, and is accredited with Gymnastics Australia.

Tumbling Development

$65 Gymnastics Australia Registration (yearly) + $45.36 per fortnight Direct Debit
$65 Gymnastics Australia Registration (yearly) + $45.36 per fortnight Direct Debit
3:30-5:00pm, 5:00-6:30pm
Athletes will develop power tumbling strength and techniques, working toward round-offs, forward and backward handsprings. A focus on correct technique is the key to connecting multiple skills together. Athletes must demonstrate a minimum skill level to enrol into this class. A skills assessment can be organised with the senior coach.