Basketball at PCYC NSW is a really popular way to stay fit and active whilst also meeting like-minded people. We’re known in many areas for our fantastic atmosphere, great courts, and support of local teams. Our sessions are casual and sociable, however we also host competitions for those who want to challenge themselves and play basketball competitively.

If you’re looking for a sport that will keep you fit and in shape, Basketball can be a great cardio workout. It’s a fast-action game with lots of running and jumping so when you play Basketball at PCYC you always get a good workout.

Depending on how you like to exercise, you can go and shoot some hoops solo or with a couple of mates or get involved in the teams and competitions that PCYC hosts.

We have Basketball activities for everyone from primary and high school children all the way up to adults. Plus, if you simply want to hire a court for your own team training or personal workout, you can do that too. We have courts for hire and for a casual drop-in practice.

PCYC provides accessible courts in more than 65 clubs and sports centres around the state. Founded in 1937, PCYC NSW is a registered charity, and rely on your support to do the work we do. Choosing to play court sports at PCYC supports us in our mission to empower young people to empower young people to reach their potential and serve as leaders within their communities.

Come and play Basketball at PCYC and stay fit and active with a smile on your face. Good for you, good for your community!

Basketball High Performance Program

Over 14
$250 per 10 week program.
$250 per 10 week program.
The program is aimed at rep level athletes that are looking to develop their on-court skills, decision-making, and qualities that are necessary at the next level of basketball. This 10-week program is designed to build on the previous week's techniques and skills, and as such consistent attendance is vital to gain as much benefit as possible. As part of this package, unlimited casual shooting is included! Waratah League Captain and NBL1 player Zac Campbell will be running the sessions.