At PCYC NSW, we offer rock climbing classes for adventurous children and adults who are looking to stay active and challenge themselves mentally and physically. Rock climbing is a demanding but rewarding sport, giving climbers of all ages an exciting way to keep fit and have fun.

During your climbing class at PCYC, you will get to scale indoor or outdoor rock walls as you push yourself to make it to the top. Every climb is different, giving you a new opportunity to test your mental and physical limits each time you scale the rock wall. At the end, you’ll be able to look back on what you’ve completed and feel proud of your efforts.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned climber, you’re welcome to join a class at PCYC to work on your skills and practice your technique. Rock climbing classes at PCYC are led by qualified instructors, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. All of the climbing equipment used at PCYC meets strict safety standards.

If you have older kids, or want to visit for adult sessions, climbing is a fantastic activity for the entire family. At a PCYC climbing class, you can support one another and feel a sense of accomplishment after trying something new. Climbing is also a great solo activity for kids or adults (but younger kids will need to be accompanied by someone to belay them).

At PCYC NSW, we run more than 65 clubs and centres across the state, offering a diverse selection of youth programs and activities. We seek to empower young people to reach their potential, providing a safe space for kids and teenagers to learn, grow, and become leaders within their communities.

Rock Wall Climbing

7 years and up
$160 per term / $21 casual
$160 per term / $21 casual
All levels
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Rock wall climbing on our new rock wall. Children will be taught safety and techniques related to rock wall climbing .