At PCYC Orange, we offer a range of gymnastics programs and classes to get young people involved in athletics and invested in their physical health. We provide classes for everyone from beginners looking to get their start to elite gymnasts who want to compete at the highest level. 

Our Kindergym 1-4 program caters to children between the ages of 1 and 4 years old. In these classes, young boys and girls will begin to develop fundamental movement skills by exploring our gym and building confidence in themselves. As they establish strong motor skills, they can graduate to our Kindergym 4+ classes.

School-age children can enrol in our Gymnastics Beginner program, where they will study basic gymnastic moves and become more comfortable in the gym. From there, our Gymnastics Intermediate and Gymnastics Advanced classes are open to youngsters who are interested in continuing their gymnastic development. 

For higher-level gymnasts, PCYC Orange offers Development Squad, Competitive Tumbling, and Competitive Trampolining classes. Through these programs, gymnasts will hone their skills and learn how to compete against their peers. View our current Orange gymnastics classes and competitions timetable below.

Gymnastics For All

Starting at $145 PER TERM
Starting at $145 PER TERM
4pm G - beginners 4pm Y - Novice 4pm M - intermediate 5pm S - advanced
4pm Y - Novice 4pm M - intermediate
4pm G - beginners 4pm Y - Novice 4pm M/S Combined intermediate & Advanced 5pm Beginner Parkour 5pm Intermediate Parkour 5.30pm Teens & adults 1.5h
4pm G - Beginner 4pm Y Novice 4pm M - intermediate 4pm S - Advanced 5pm Beginner parkour 5pm intermediate parkour
4pm Advanced tramp & Tumbling 2 hr 4pm Kindy Parkour 5 years and under 4pm OPEN GYM
Gymnastics for all is a sport for everybody. You can develop skills whilst getting strong and flexible in a fun and challenging way. A sport for life with something for all ages and abilities.

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