PCYC NCW offers soccer programs for young people to stay active and compete as part of a team. As one of the most popular sports for children and teenagers, playing soccer is an excellent way for youngsters to understand the value of dedication, practise, and teamwork.

Soccer is also a fantastic way to introduce your children to physical exercise and teach them fundamental principles such as balance, coordination, and strength. Plus, soccer classes and programs also allow your little one to interact with other kids and meet new friends.

With the encouragement and coaching of our experienced staff, your child will learn essential soccer skills, including passing, dribbling, and shooting. As they improve their abilities, they will absorb other key lessons, including the importance of thinking positively, committing to their craft, and working hard.

We host soccer classes and programs for various ages and abilities, from toddlers to competition level. Children aged two years and up can participate in certain soccer classes at PCYC through the Soccajoeys program, which eases young boys and girls into playing independently with their teammates (while mum and dad watch).

Older kids and teenagers are also welcome to join PCYC soccer programs, where they will have the opportunity to compete against other teams and improve their physical conditioning and technical skills. At the highest level, PCYC Wollongong is home to the semi-professional Wollongong Olympic Football Club in the Illawarra Premier League.

At PCYC NSW, we focus on empowering young people to reach their potential through community involvement, including sport, music, and arts. We help children and teenagers stay active and build lifelong skills through our partnership with NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command.

Special Olympics Football Training - EXTERNAL PROVIDER

6pm - 7pm
We’re proud to be part of the Special Olympics network that provides a range of sport, recreation, social and health opportunities, for people with an intellectual disability to have fun, be healthy, build self-esteem, demonstrate courage, and make friends.


For further enquires please contact: sydneyuppernorthshore.sport@specialolympics.com.au
*Annual PCYC Membership Required

CLASS RUN BY: Upper North Shore Special Olympics