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Getting into the groove at the gym

Getting into the groove at the gym

Are you new to working out in the gym? Even if you have never set foot in a gym, it's not too late to start!

If you were a gym-going regular and just haven’t returned since lock downs or your work schedule is too busy, we also have some good tips for returning to the gym on a regular basis.

Give PCYC NSW’s gym and fitness a go!

Benefits of working out in the gym

From combatting health conditions, to connecting with a similarly minded community, working out at the gym provides many benefits. Studies show that due to chemical endorphins released during exercise, one’s mood and energy will be boosted. Similarly, exercise will aid the management of one’s weight, combat health conditions and promote better sleep.  

It is particularly beneficial to utilise a gym when working out, as the amenities and equipment available allow for flexibility and creativity in one’s training regime. This equipment can include treadmills, ellipticals, weights for power-lifting, mats and exercise bikes. PCYC has been providing modern, inclusive, family friendly facilities and qualities since 1937. Group fitness classes are both social and motivating, encouraging the act of exercising in a fun, safe and engaging environment. Class participants develop relationships with fellow gym-goers while getting a sweat on! On the other hand, personal training sessions foster an individual’s exercising journey, providing a supervised alternative to training as assistance is readily available.

How to incorporate the gym into current life

With life ever so busy, it can be so difficult to maintain a gym schedule! Give these steps a go to help ease yourself in:

Make priorities

While we acknowledge that there are only a limited number of hours in each day, it is up to everyone to determine how best to utilise their time. It's a good idea to jot down everything that’s on in your day and add up all the little activities such as browsing the internet and social media. This will provide a good overview of what your current daily priorities are and should make the task of reprioritising activities, such as time in the gym, much smoother.

Get organised

Whether your goal is to head to the gym in the morning, during your lunch break or after work, it’s important to prepare everything ahead of time. This may include selecting both gym and work outfits the evening prior and packing meals ahead of time.

Eliminate the commute

Sometimes the biggest hiccup to overcome in the day is procrastination. By joining a gym with a minimal commute time, you are automatically minimising the hurdle of travel procrastination.The good news is - there is probably a PCYC NSW gym near you.

Put it in your schedule

Dedicate time in your schedule specifically for the gym and lock it in! Just like you wouldn’t miss a scheduled meeting or appointment, scheduling in a workout should minimise procrastination and begin to form a habit.

Get started!

PCYC is different from other gyms! With no lock-in contracts, joining fees or fixed contracts, so you can be at ease when signing up.

** It’s important to note that PCYC members must be at least 16 years of age to join the gym and to workout on their own.**

Give your local club a call to find out more about your local PCYC NSW gym.


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