At PCYC NSW, we host a variety of sports competitions to encourage kids, teenagers, and adults to get active and engaged in their communities. Whether you or your little one is interested in netball, futsal, basketball, or other sports, PCYC offers plenty of opportunities for the whole family to get involved with sports.

Playing sports is one of the best ways for growing children and teens to keep physically fit, which is essential for their mental and physical development. Plus, when kids join sports competitions at PCYC, they’ll learn other valuable life lessons, including the importance of teamwork, a positive attitude, and commitment.

As another bonus, young people that participate in sports competitions through PCYC get the chance to interact with other kids their age and make new friends. Sports competitions are a fantastic way for children to bond as they work toward a common goal.

Similarly, there are many opportunities for adults to join recreational sports groups at PCYC as well. Specific sports competitions will vary by club, but you can typically find men’s, women’s, and mixed leagues for sports such as netball and basketball. Boxing tournaments and ‘Friday fight nights’ are also particularly popular, and part of PCYC legacy!

For adults, participating in sports competitions at PCYC is a fantastic and healthy way to meet new people in your area -- especially if you’ve moved to a new city or are just looking to expand your social circle.

With more than 65 clubs and centres across New South Wales, PCYC is a community organisation that empowers kids and teenagers to reach their potential. We work with NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command to provide police and youth programs for young people across the state, alongside sports competitions, art classes, and more.

Junior Basketball Competition

10 - 14 years
$120 per 10 week term
$120 per 10 week term
6.30pm - 8.30pm
PCYC Morisset run a weekly basketball competition. Participants will play as part of a team and take on opposing squads each week. These games are fun and friendly, with an element of friendly competition. Game times will vary depending on how many teams enter the competition.