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PCYC Moree

About PCYC Moree

PCYC NSW is a charity empowering young people to survive, and thrive, in
partnership with the Police and the community.

PCYC Moree is a great place for young people, and recently garnered media attention for our OOSH schemes and fit for programs which have had an amazing impact on the region. PCYC Moree is set over two locations, where young people are invited to come and enjoy activities that keep them off the streets.

In the past, in summer months we have opened late into the evening on weekends to give young people a space to rest and relax. Due to the importance of PCYC in the community, we have been the recipients of funding for upgrades and are lucky to have some great facilities.

We run a variety of activities here at PCYC Moree, and our squash courts are some of the most popular facilities. Come and see what it’s all about, enjoy a workout and support your local community at PCYC Moree.

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Start your Gymnastics Coaching journey with PCYC!

PCYC is the largest provider of Gymnastics in NSW. We are always looking for coaches to join our incredible team, and help us to continue to provide positive experiences for young people across NSW. Whether you're a qualified coach, or not yet qualified, but love gymnastics and are interested in exploring a pathway to gymnastics coaching, we'd love to hear from you! We will help you to gain your accreditation, and support you on your PCYC journey as a gymnastics coach, making an impact in young people's lives.

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