If you’re searching for somewhere to study martial arts in the Hunter Valley, PCYC Maitland is a great place to get your start. At our club, you can train in various styles of martial arts, including Aikido and Judo. 

Aikido is one of the most in-demand martial arts classes at our club. As a modern Japanese martial art, Aikido teaches students how to protect themselves in combat, while also trying to defend their opponent from harm. With Aikido classes at PCYC Maitland, you will study the basics of this exciting sport and learn how to perform fundamental moves. We host twice-weekly sessions for members over the age of 17. 

Our club also runs Judo classes each week. Judo, another style of Japanese martial arts, is incredibly popular around the world and is now an Olympic sport. During these sessions, you will study essential Judo techniques, including throwing and holding, and learn how to use these tactics to overcome your opponent. These courses are also open to members aged 17 and up. 

In addition to these adult classes, PCYC Maitland offers introductory wrestling classes for children over the age of 7. View our current Maitland martial arts classes timetable below.