If you’re looking for fun ways to stay fit, boxing is a great option. At PCYC Maitland, we provide boxing programs and classes for children, teenagers, and adults who want to learn this exciting sport.

Our Junior Boxing class is the ideal way for young people (between 10 and 17 years old) to foster an interest in boxing. In this class, participants will study the fundamentals of boxing in a safe and supportive environment. Our instructors will help kids polish their skills and develop confidence in their boxing abilities. 

Older teenagers and adults (aged 17 and up) can attend our Boxing 4 Fitness classes. These sessions are a great way to practice boxing techniques, while also getting a fantastic strength and cardio workout and socialising with your peers. 

At PCYC Maitland, our boxing classes are led by qualified trainers who will help you maintain proper boxing form and work with you to improve your skills. Our boxing courses are open to people of all experience and fitness levels, and your trainer will empower you to work at your own pace during class. View our current Maitland boxing classes timetable below.