If you're looking for a unique and interesting way to stay active, check out the fencing classes offered by PCYC NSW. Several of our New South Wales clubs hold fencing classes, where you can learn this Olympic sport from our experienced coaches.

Requiring equal parts mental and physical concentration, fencing is a fascinating sport that demands agility, quick thinking, and boldness. In fencing, the main objective is to score points on your opponent (but not to hurt them). However, while you're in class, you will wear protective gear for your safety.

During fencing classes at PCYC, you will learn the fundamentals of the sport and enjoy the opportunity to spar against your classmates. As a participant, you'll benefit from the physical exercise that it provides, as well as other learnings such as self-discipline, dedication, and hard work. You'll also get the chance to meet friends who share your interest in fencing.

At PCYC, we offer fencing classes for a range of age levels 10+ and abilities, and our courses are held in compliance with the standards set out by the Australian Fencing Federation. If you've never tried fencing before, our staff will walk you through the basics and make sure you're comfortable before going up against a classmate.

With more than 65 clubs and centres across New South Wales, PCYC serves children, teenagers, and adults around the state. Since 1937, we have been working to empower young people to reach their potential through police programs and recreational activities.

At PCYC, we partner with NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command to provide personal development programs, where kids and teens can build their character and learn how to be responsible members of their community.

Lake Macquarie Sport Fencing

$140 p/term $25 registration
$140 p/term $25 registration
At PCYC Lake Macquarie, we offer pleased to announce that Lake Macquarie Sport Fencing training will commence classes for our club members who are in search of a fun way to stay active. Even if you’ve never fenced before, you’re welcome to begin your fencing journey at our community-based club. For fencing newcomers, we offer a five-week starter course that teaches you the fundamentals of this exciting sport. In these introductory sessions, you will learn how the rules of fencing work, how to use your equipment safely, and how to outperform your opponent. We will provide everything you’ll need (just make sure to wear long pants and enclosed shoes). Qualified instructors will be in attendance to help you with your form and ensure the safety of all participants. In order to attend the starter course or our regular fencing sessions, all participants must be at least 9 years old. If you’d like more information about fencing Newcastle, contact the friendly team at PCYC Lake Macquarie today. View our current Lake Macquarie fencing classes and competitions timetable below. Call John Frew 0488 480 412

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