PCYC Kempsey hosts numerous gym and fitness classes each week, designed for people of all ages, fitness levels, and physical abilities. Our club is a supportive and inclusive environment, where everyone can find an exercise class for their needs. 

We provide several fitness classes for our members with physical limitations. Our weekly Disability Sports program is a fun-filled gym class where disabled people can participate in sports adapted to their abilities. Similarly, our Disability Seated Workout class is perfect for those who need to remain seated but would like to complete a guided workout. 

PCYC Kempsey also offers classes designed just for children and teenagers. For primary school children, our Kids Fitness class gets youngsters active and engaged, whereas our Kids Kalm sessions help little ones calm down and relax through physical activity. For teens, our Teenager Tranquility classes are a great stress-reliever. 

Adults also have plenty of options at PCYC Kempsey. Not only does our club host a range of group fitness classes, including yoga and boxing, but our gym facilities are also available for casual use. We even have a Seniors Seated Workout for seniors to stay active. View our current Kempsey gym and fitness classes timetable below.