Are you or your child interested in boxing? At PCYC Kempsey, you can sign up for one of our many boxing classes to learn the fundamentals of this exciting sport and get a great workout.

For children who want to try boxing, our Box Junior classes are the perfect fit. In these sessions, experienced trainers will teach your son or daughter about proper boxing technique and help them develop their skills in the ring. Box Junior sessions are open to kids between 6 and 9 years old. Older kids (between 10 and 15 years old) are encouraged to attend our Box Youth sessions.

Adults can sign up for our Box Adult class, which also teaches the fundamentals of boxing and helps you improve your overall fitness. Alternatively, you can also enrol in our BoxFit or Boxing 4 Fitness classes. These sessions are designed to be high-intensity workouts that incorporate boxing moves and skills into the training. 

For those interested in sparring, PCYC Kempsey also hosts Box Sparring Junior and Box Sparring Adult sessions. Here, you’ll be able to go up against an opponent and put your boxing skills to the test. View our current Kempsey boxing classes timetable below.