PCYC NSW hosts pickleball events for our community members who are looking for a fun and easy way to stay active while enjoying the thrill of competition.

If you haven’t heard of pickleball before, you’re not alone. But fortunately, the premise is quite simple! The game is a mix between tennis, badminton, and squash, and it’s similar to each of those sports in that you use a racquet to hit a ball over the net. It’s fast becoming a cult activity, gaining huge popularity across the state.

You can either play on your own against another individual or as part of a team. In pickleball, the court is smaller than it is in tennis, so it’s easier to cover more of the court (especially when paired with a partner).

There isn’t much quick movement required around the court, which makes pickleball an ideal activity for people of all fitness levels, including seniors. Pickleball is excellent for incorporating exercise into your day, in a way that’s easy-going and relaxed.

At the same time, pickleball is also a very social game. At PCYC, many groups gather at our clubs on a regular basis to compete against one another for fun. Whether you’re playing solo or as a pair, you can enjoy the perks of this great game at PCYC.

In Australia, pickleball is quickly growing in popularity as both a social and physical game. With more than 65 clubs and centres across New South Wales, teens and adults can play pickleball at several PCYC locations around the state.

Started in 1937, PCYC NSW is a community organisation that empowers young people to reach their potential. We encourage children and teenagers to get active within their community by participating in youth programs and activities.


all ages
$8 per visit over 18 yrs old / $5.50 under 18 yrs old
$8 per visit over 18 yrs old / $5.50 under 18 yrs old
all levels
6pm to 8pm
We are offering Pickleball on Tuesday nights from 6pm to 8pm during the school term. Booking time slots are: 6pm to 6.30pm 6.30pm top 7pm 7pm to 7.30pm 7.30pm to 8pm You can call reception to book, you must pay in advance to secure the booking. During School holidays hours will be 6pm to 7pm. $8.00 per casual visit (over 18 yrs old), fitness passport accepted. Under 18 $5.50 per visit PCYC provide the net and equipment.